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We have good news! In conjunction with our birthday month, we are having HUGE SALE for Double wick candles!!! Any 3 at rm100 ONLY!


    Not everyday is like this! We are happy to extend this offer since Pasar Seloka pop-up booth! Now you can have the same offer online! Grab your candles while lasts!

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  • alyajais01

    Good value for money. Really worth it. Candle wangi sangat. Secure packaging with with bubble wrap n fragile sticker. Frosty dewberry- smells like fruity berry yg mcm vitamin budak2 Summer peach- more like sweet peach smell
  • gowrikmenon

    Like that it burns long hours. So I bought the 1st candle Persian pomme at Pública POP up shop and loved it. Wanted to Try the others. Using Sakura now, since I’m Studying a lot these days it keeps me calm and reduces my anxiety and I can read and be more focused. Haven’t tried Lavender as yet.
  • tynn.t

    Smells like a peach summer!! It’s a small yet mighty candle ! love it! Even burn and good service by seller. Don’t ponder, just get this!! Worth itttt. Fast delivery, came with plentyyy of bubble wrap so the candles arrived in good condition 👌🏻 Good product quality
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Scented Candle as your mental health tools. 10% profit we received goes to mental health organizations in Malaysia.