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[TCH x GaleriAfiqah] Chambre'

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A product of brilliance when one artistic head and one crafty head are put together. A painting tells you what you needs and a candle gives you the feeling of home; complementing each other with a full of artsy hearts. This collaboration not only put highlights on #lokalarts and creative arts, but also on educating people on how art can be beneficial for mental health.

A joint work between two creative minds that allow what are meant to be free. The entire design of this work is painted by GaleriAfiqah, a focused circular elements that holds different  meanings in each artwork created. For physical paintings, one can identify mild textures and wild colours from the artworks.

The Candle Hour Hand Poured Soy Wax Scented Candle

Autumn Sandalwood is a well-known distinctive woody aroma, sandalwood keeps its sweet and warm scent to make a divine atmosphere in your personal space. This candle will help you relieve tension and focuses the mind. Lit up for at least 1 - 2 hours and enjoy the night.

The combo is inclusive of:

1x TCH Autumn Sandalwood scented candle
1x Pouch of Thought Refreshment (self affirmation cards

1x Thank you note.